Mahakala Stavam

Mahakal.  Great Time. The One Beyond Time. The representation of a profound philosophical expression, the Lord of Time is a visual invitation for us to ponder the infinite. This prayer offers a systematic process to conceptualize the idea of time and space and to locate our own personal space in the continuum.

नमस्यामि महाकालं सर्वसम्पत्तिदायकम्।

namasyAmi mahAkAlaM sarvasampattidAyakam |

खर्वं लम्बोदरं नीलमष्टनागविभूषितम्॥ १॥

kharvaM lambodaraM nIlamaShTanAgavibhUShitam || 1||

Complete Stotram: श्रीमहाकालस्तवम्

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