Sri Sri Devi Chinnamasta is common to the Vajrayana and the Shakta traditions. She is popularly referred to as मो मरु द्यो – the headless one.  

The Devi is a representation of the power of sustenance. She keeps the physical world going. She nourishes the spiritual world.

Nourishment and sustenance are important to the successful management of a nation’s affairs. Hence, kings and high officers of the state have taken a particular interest in propitiating this Devi.

The prayer below evokes the power of sustenance.  Historically, astrologers have prescribed this prayer as an antidote to those suffering from the maladies of the Ketu dasa (केतु दशा).


स्तवराजमहं वन्दे वैरोचन्याः शुभप्रदम् ।

stavarAjamahaM vande vairochanyAH shubhapradam |

नाभौ शुभ्रारविन्दन्तदुपरि विलसन्मण्डलञ्चण्डरश्मेः

nAbhau shubhrAravindantadupari vilasanmaNDala~nchaNDarashmeH

Complete Stotram: श्रीछिन्नमस्तास्तोत्रम्

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