Sri Naga Stotram

Sri Naga Stotram

नाग पञ्चमी को शुभकामना । Nag Panchami Greetings

The prayer in the video below is, in effect, the recitation of a property insurance contract. The words invoke Sri Nagaraja to ward off lightning, fire and like calamities from befalling on our physical dwelling. The terms of the contract are simple and specific. We pray; you protect. Just the home please; thank you. The home and the larger physical world is held atop the body of Sri Nagaraja. Hence, it makes sense to stay on his good side.

The celebration of Nag Panchami is one more occasion for the telling of tales. On this day, we recognize: SriSri Krishna subduing a wayward cobra, Sri Kalika, who was terrorizing the good people of Dwarika; a vengenceful Janmanjaya of Mahabharat fame being talked out of submitting all snakes in existence to the ritual flames of a यज्ञ । yagya as a payback for his father, Parikshit’s death at the fangs of a poisonous cobra; and, countless more localized or personalized tales to suit the occasion. (Readers interested in an extensive essay on the celebration of Nag Panchami may proceed to:

We referred to the snake/cobra as नां काय् मत्यो म । one whose name should not be invoked. S/he was terror personified, so much so that even acknowledging him/her with a proper name was taboo. When we encountered one–not an infrequent occurrence during High Summer and Rainy seasons–pandemonium ensued. Me hiding behind Mom, Mom behind Grandpa and Grandpa behind a burning incense, uttering a high pitched request to the serpent to vamoose. When the serpent did eventually slither away, Grandpa stood tall…but shared living quarters will all family members for many subsequent nights, fearing the return of that whose name should not be invoked.

Hope the recitation of the prayer in the video below forestalls snake induced terror in your life. And, may Sri Nagaraja protect your home.

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