Sri Sri Krishna Stotram

Sri Sri Krishna Stotram

Happy Krishna Janmastami!

Sri Sri Krishna is a source of inspiration for many traditions of thought. To a politician, He is the very example of the master practitioner and His utterances always relevant in the conduct of statecraft. To those interested in sustainable management principles, His expressions, collated in the भगवद गीता . Bhagwad Gita, are inspirational. Followers of the वैश्णव | Vaishnav tradition claim Him as an incarnation of भगवान विष्णु | Bhagwan Vishnu. In the आगम । aagama tradition of Nepal, Sri Sri Krishna is recognized as a manifestation of श्री श्री गुह्येश्वरी । Devi Sri Sri Guheyswari.

The aagama tradition is a common name for a number of different schools of thought. Those thoughts revolve around postulates of the origin of the universe, its dissolution and our place in it. The Nepali aagama tradition which interprets Sri Sri Krishna as a public manifestation of Sri Sri Guyhyakali is the क्रम । krama tradition. The krama tradition is the inspiration for many of the prominent Krishna temples in Patan, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and adjacent locations. The क्रमाचार्य । Kramacharayas (commonly spelled as कर्माचार्य । Karmacharyas) are the designated votaries of the tradition. The tradition is shared by the population of followers who arrived in Nepal Valley with श्रीश्री तुलजा भवानी । Sri Sri Tulaja Bhawani.

The क्रम-आगम । krama-aagama tradition recognizes Sri Sri Krishna as a teacher of its worldview. The Bhagvata Gita is an elaboration of the worldview of krama. Krama means sequential process. The universe emerges in a number of steps and dissolves in a series of steps. Step by step, Sri Sri Krishna guides Arjuna to an understanding of the creation and destruction process, symbolized in unitary form of the विश्वरुप । Vishwarupa. In the Nepali krama aagama tradition, the Vishwarupa is श्रीश्री कालसङ्कर्सनी । Sri Sri Kala-samkarsini, the most profound manifestation of Sri Sri Guhyakali,

The krama-aagama tradition in general and the interpretation of Sri Sri Krishna as Sri Sri Guhyakali is the subject of two books written by श्रीमहेश्वरानन्दSri Maheshwaranda in the 14th. century. One of the two books, महार्थमञ्जरी । Mahartha Manjari, is currently available in Sanskrit only, Sanskrit-Hindi and Sanskrit-English editions. The Sanskrit only issue, edited by Sri Braj Vallabh Dwivedi, is available here for free (…/MaharthaManjariOfMaheshwaranandEdByVr…). Sri Shymakant Dwivedi’s Sanskrit-Hindi edition is out of print but still available in the market (…/details/book/mahartha-manjar…/) Sri. Satya Prakash Singh’s English translation is available on Amazon and other booksellers (…/…/8187471719).

The स्तोत्र । stotra recited on the video below recognizes Sri Sri Krishna within the आगम | aagama tradition.

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