Tulsi Stotram

The Tulsi Matha is a prominent feature in courtyards and kausis of homes. Offering water and prayers to the specially consecrated plant is a daily practice. Tulsi is particularly relevant to Nepal. The Devi Bhagvat Purana recognizes the Gandaki River as the body of Tulsi and the plant itself as… Continue reading

Stotram for the learning child

This is a simple prayer, in Nepali, for a child to recite before s/he begins her/ his studies.   जय जगदीश्रर ! जय अविनाशी jaya jagadIshrara ! jaya avinAshI जय जय भगवन् ! करुणा राशि । jaya jaya bhagavan ! karuNA rAshi | Complete Stotram: श्रीबालकशिक्षारम्भस्तोत्रम्   Continue reading