Author: Ama Nepali

Sri Sri Ganesh Stotram

Child’s first prayer | Prayer to Sri Sri Ganesh to ward off difficulties     For the full text of the Stotra, please click here.   At some point in my infancy, Grandfather decided that I had mastered the “gu-gu | ga-ga” school of baby talk. I was ready to transition from free-form sound to…
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Rubin Museum

Rubin Museum, New York City Get there if you can between April 19, 2019 – March 23, 2020 for a featured exhibition titled “Masterworks of Himalayan Art.” The museum is home to a great many Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) artifacts other than those highlighted in featured exhibitions. The Rubin is methodically positioning itself as the locus…
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Thulo Varnamala

कपुरी ‘क’, खरायो ‘ख’ was my first introduction to the language. The reference came from ठूलो वर्णमाला, a book I, along with several generations of children, used to learn the Devanagari alphabet. You can download a .pdf copy of the book here: ठूलो वर्णमाला

Brahman ko Pahichan

Advaita Vedanta