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Children of Nepal Ama

A digital family tree (वंशावली) of the global Nepali

Chandra Man Singh Maskey

Chandra Man Singh Maskey (1900-1984) was one of the leaders in the development of contemporary art in Nepal in the early 20th century.


How am I related to that cousin? Who are my ancestors? My children ask me these questions all the time, particularly during our annual visits to Nepal and in preparation of get-togethers with relatives. I have created this site so that they can find the answer for themselves. Parents of Nepali origin can join in my effort to build a digital family tree that our children and our children's children can use as a reference. Please join as a member to add your own family to the database or contribute data that we can add on your behalf.

Riddhi Bahadur Malla

Riddhi Bahadur Malla was the Publisher of "Śãradā", Nepal's first literary periodical.