Matangi Kavacam

Sri Sri Devi Matangi is popularly referred to as the Chwasa Dyo (छ्वास द्यो).  She represents the power of absolution, the finality. Consequently, She was located at the waste collection sites on street corners and courtyards.  Yes! There is a philosophical underpinning to waste, its collection, the presiding deity and… Continue reading

Durga Kavaca for Child

This is an aspirational prayer to Sri Sri Durga Devi. It is a prayer for those who seek Her blessings for a child. भगवन् देव देवेशकृपया त्वं जगत् प्रभो । bhagavan deva deveshakR^ipayA tvaM jagat prabho | वंशाख्य कवचं ब्रूहि मह्यं शिष्याय तेऽनघ । vaMshAkhya kavachaM brUhi mahyaM shiShyAya te.anagha… Continue reading